Thursday, November 11, 2010

My Dream Vacation!!! :)

first place i would like to visit 1 day is South Korea.. I fall in love with Korea when first Korea drama I watched,Winter Sonata aired in TV3.. i love the places so much. besides that, Korea have 4 seasons (winter, autumn, summer, and spring).. i would like to experience each of the season.. he..he.. besides that, i would love to visit palaces and wear hanbok.. ( to experience the lives of queen with ???).. he..he.. i also want to try their food.. ha..ha.. (craving for food so much as i hungry when i wrote this).. ha..ha.. hopefully, someone can fulfilled my dream.. (i love too!! ha!!ha!!) why not??? then, I would love to meet Choi Si Won oppa so much!!! wow..

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