Friday, March 4, 2011

Wonderful Year, 2010..

Finally, year 2011.. :) I love new year but I hate it too.. huh.. maybe because I grow old each year and I still miss my childhood year.. :( 
                                                    me and my youngest sister when we still in kindergarden..

3 months already.. wow.. how fast the time passed.. still miss 2010. :( too many good and bad things happened last year. Still fresh in my mind when I got my STPM result (not bad and the best thing is, my parents feel proud) ,betray by someone, and the moment I set my foot in University. Wow!! I thought I was dreaming ho.. he..he.. 
                                                       University Putra Malaysia

Look beautiful right? he..he.. But at the same time, feel sad because I have to leave my hometown. Then, this is the 1st time I leave my home. Still remember when my mom and my father send me to airport early in the morning. T-T..  
Aeroplane that witness my sadness when I leave my hometown

Dad and Mom, please stay healthy!